Action Network

Coastal Connections-$5,000

American Bird Conservancy

Tricolored Blackbird Conservation-$50,000

Audubon California

Reduce Avian Mortality in Altamont Wind Pass-$10,000

Audubon Canyon Ranch

Nature education program-$5,000

Bay Nature Institute

Follywog-Confluence Project-$4,000

Trail Forward Campaign-$15,000

Bio-Integral Resource Center

Bringing Back the Bees, Birds, and Monarchs-$5,000

Dylan Burge

Conservation genetics of rare manzanitas in Baja California-$2,995

Rocio Cabrera

California Quail in Baja California-$3,000

California Institute of Biodiversity

Inspiring California teachers and students with inquiry-based science-$40,000

California Wilderness Coalition

Maximizing wildness in the Sierra Nevada forest plan revisions-$5,000


Meadow restoration in Sequoia National Forest-$7,500

Catalina Island Conservancy

Science at the Sea-$5,000

Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center

Moving beyond drought insects and fire-leading in a new way-$5,000


Historic climate analysis in San Pedro Martir National Park-$5,300

Community Partners

The City Project-general support-$3,000

Conservación de Fauna del Noroeste

Home range and habitat for three endangered riparian amphibians and reptiles in Baja California-$9,984

Earth Island Institute

Kids for the Bay-Clean Communities Clean Oceans-$5,000

Ecocimati, A.C.

Exploración biologica de flora y fauna en la Sierra La Asamblea, BC, Mexico

Education Outside

Growing a generation of innovators and environmental stewards-$5,000

Endangered Habitat League

Terra Peninsular development and communications plan-$47,630

Environmental Protection Information Center

National forest watch program-$5,000

Fondo Acción Solidaria (FASOL)

Supporting socio-environmental grassroots organizations-$25,000

Friends of Sausal Creek

Engaging the community in expanding the Pallid Manzanita population-$8,427

Friends of the Dunes

"Get Outside and Explore the Coast" program-$5,000

Tolowa Dunes Stewards-Next generation of tribal youth and community leaders for Tolowa Coast-$5,000


Summer programs-inspiring environmental stewards-$5,000

Aldo Guevara Carrizales

Traditional wildlife management in Valle de los Cirios-$6,000

Heydey Books

Natural History and Environmental Publishing Program-$10,000

Institute for Fisheries Resources

Trinity Klamath Rivers Campaign-$5,000

International Community Foundation

Terra Peninsular-grazing management in Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park-$30,051

Terra Peninsular-environmental education in Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park-$10,236

Next Generation of Sonoran Desert Researchers-$8,000

Kathy Kramer

Bringing Back the Natives 2016-$7,500

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area youth stewardship-$5,000

Edith Navarro

Estudio biológico de la rana toro en el Rancho Cienega redonda en Baja California-$3,000

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Water Institute-$5,000

Ocean Discovery Institute

Preparing for the Living Lab-$5,000

Outdoor Outreach

Student environmental stewardship and advocacy-$5,000

Point Reyes National Seashore Association

Science at the Seashore-$5,000


Writing the management program for the Ramsar site in San Quintin-$5,000

Regents of the University of California-Berkeley

Buzz about Bees-$5,000

Hiram Rivera

Measuring fallen wood in Sierra San Pedro Martir to recommend fire management regimes-$3,000

Salmon River Restoration Council

Watershed education program-$5,000

San Bruno Mountain Watch

For mountain stewardship-$5,000

San Mateo County Parks Foundation

Reintroduce Bay Checkerspot Butterfly in Edgewood County Park-$8,000

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Biodiversity and floristics of the vernal pool ecosystems of Baja California-$5,000

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

Carbon Counts-Living on Thin Ice-$5,000

Nature Connection-$5,000

Sierra Forest Legacy

Conservation of Fisher and Spotted Owls in southern Sierra Nevadas-$8,000

Sierra Streams Institute

Bear River Hydrology Data Project-$20,000

The City Project

General support-$3,000

United Anglers of Casa Grande High School

Petaluma Watershed Habitat and Education program-$10,000

Minerva Uribe

Studying the effects of wind turbines on bats in Baja California-$3,000

Vida Verde Nature Education

Enviornmental Education for low-income students in the Bay Area-$9,500

Watershed Project

Youth programs-$5,000

SPAWNERS-general support-$5,000

Western Lands Project

General support-$10,000

Patricia Zaldivar

Evaluation of the effects of wind farms on birds in the Sierra Juarez-$3,000