Application Procedures

The JiJi Foundation is not scheduling regular application deadlines as of January 1, 2019.   

How to Apply

Interested nonprofits or individuals are encouraged to contact Anne McEnany ([email protected]) to ask questions, get more information about foundation priorities, or to submit a letter. Submitting by email will have a faster response time from JiJi Foundation.

The JiJi Foundation has received an overwhelming number of grant requests in the past year and we anticipate the trend will continue.  Only 40% of requests were funded in the Baja California region.  Please keep this in mind as you consider whether your organization is a good match for the JiJi Foundation's grantmaking objectives.

The JiJi Foundation requires that each applicant include a cover sheet (download Word 2007 template here or if you need Word 2003 version here). This will not be counted toward the 4 page maximum.

1.  Letter of Request

A letter of request should be no more than four (4) pages and should outline current and future activities, plus a project budget. We accept applications for general support. This request should be for one year only. Do not send attachments unless they are directly related to your request.

This letter should be simple--something a staff person could complete in an afternoon.  Please see the JiJi Foundation's home page for more information on geographic and programmatic priorities.

For Baja California requests, an operational budget is required.

Decision-Making Timeline

Your submission may take as long as four months to be reviewed, so please outline any time constraints or deadlines in your letter. Once a decision is made, you will be notified by email and/or letter as to the board's decision. 

Overhead/Indirect Cost Recovery Policy

The JiJi Foundation recognizes that there are indirect costs to every project.  Our policy states "the JiJi Foundation does not pay more than 6% overhead or indirect cost recovery on any grant."  Please remember that our grant requests are very competitive and including an indirect rate may affect your competitiveness.  The JiJi Foundation offers general support grants if operational support is needed.


2.  Small Research Grant Program

As of 2017, the JiJi Foundation is pleased to partner with the Next Generation of Sonoran Desert Researchers to offer small grants for field research in the state of Baja California.  This new grant opportunity is available at the following websites -- in English: and Spanish:

Please contact the Next Generation of Sonoran Desert Researchers with any questions about deadlines, project applications, and research requirements.